We are pleased to inform you that the The Third International Symposium on Rice Science in Global Health will be held in Kyoto. The first symposium was held under the name of gDisease Prevention by IP6 & other rice componentsh in 1998 and the second one was followed asgRice and Disease Preventionh in 2008. During those two symposiums, we were discussing Rice and Rice Bran ingredients from the viewpoint of Disease Prevention. This time, we have set "Global Healthg as a theme. We hope this symposium will be a place to discuss human health related issues that require international cooperation and collaboration from the perspective of Rice and Rice Bran Science.
Rice is one of the most important food in the world and various active ingredients are contained in Rice Bran.
It has been revealed these ingredients are effective in preventing the onsets of diabetes, dementia, cancer and etc, also those have already been utilized for various products in various fields. It is also recognized that Rice Bran Oil has positive physiological effect such as lowering of cholesterol. Due to such prophylactic effects, those research aimed at enriching of our lives has been continuing. At this symposium, we hope the latest research trends will be announced by domestic and overseas experts who are active in the front lines in all fields and discuss the current problems. We sincerely believe there would be nothing more delightful if we could contribute to the development of future research as the result.
We hope many more people from countries and regions that produce or consume Rice will actively participate to this symposium therefore turning it to a gbridgeh strengthening the participants network.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the venue while feeling a great pleasure to have opportunities to talk about the new future of Rice and Rice Bran.

Symposium Organizing Committee
Chairman TeruoMiyazawa